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Hypotension Apparatus (Q004)

Hypotension Apparatus (Q004)

The apparatus, a high-tech product based on modern biomedicine and Chinese medicine channel theory, is a harmonious combination of ancient and modern principles. Bioelectricity therapy is used to control hypertension

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5,985 Dp

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  • This apparatus is especially designed for people with problems of high blood pressure, hypertensive headache, chronic headache and hemicrania ( a severe recurring vascular headache, occurring more frequently in women than men)
  • Refreshes mind during tiredness on work, dysphoria( an emotional state characterized by anxiety, depression or uneasiness)
  • relieve cerebral tiredness and enhances memory
  • Reducing and balancing blood pressure
  • Make the nerve and brain relaxed
  •  Alleviate the local pain
  • Relieve headache and dizziness caused by electromagnetic radiation by mobile phone etc. in 3 minutes



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